funding sources are as indicated: ERC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust


Strong coupling beyond the light-line
K. S. Menghrajani and W. L. Barnes
ACS Photonics  7 2448 (2020)
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A new signature for strong light-matter coupling using spectroscopic ellipsometry
P. Thomas, W. J. Tan, H. A Fernandez and W. L. Barnes
Nano Letters  20 6412 (2020)
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(ERC-photmat, EPSRC)

Classical antennas, quantum emitters, and densities of optical states
W. L. Barnes, S. A. R. Horsley and W. L. Vos
Journal of Optics 22 073501 (2020)
pdf, arXiv

Molecular monolayer strong coupling in dielectric soft microcavities
A. B. Vasista and W. L. Barnes
Nano Letters  20 1766 (2020)
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Metamaterial analogues of molecular aggregates
M. Baraclough, S. S. Seetharaman, R. Hooper and W. L. Barnes
ACS Photonics 6 3003 (2019)
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(ERC-photmat, EPSRC)

Optimal position of an emitter in a wavelength-scale parabolic reflector
H. Penketh, J. Bertolotti and W. L. Barnes
Applied Optics  58 7957 (2019)
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Electrically tuneable exciton energy exchange between spatially separated 2-dimensional semiconductors in a microcavity
H. A. Fernandez, F. Withers, S. Russo and W. L. Barnes
Applied Physics Letters 115 071103 (2019)
pdf, research-data, supp-info

Electrically tuneable exciton‐polaritons through free electron doping in monolayer WS2 microcavities
H. A. Fernandez, F. Withers, S. Russo and W. L. Barnes
Advanced Optical Materials  7 1900484 (2019)
pdf,  repository-version,  research-data, supp-info

Vibrational strong coupling with surface plasmons and the presence of surface plasmon stop bands
K. S. Menghrajani, G. R. Nash and W. L. Barnes
ACS Photonics 6 2110 (2019)
pdf, research-data,

Hybridization of multiple vibrational modes via strong coupling using confined light fields
K. S. Menghrajani, H. A. Fernandez, G. R. Nash and W. L. Barnes
Advanced Optical Materials  7 1900403 (2019)
pdf,  repository-version,  research-data, supp-info

Strong light-matter coupling in carbon nanotubes as a route to exciton brightening
V. Shahnazaryan, V. A. Saroka, I. A. Shelykh, W. L. Barnes and M. E Portnoi
ACS Photonics  6 904 (2019)
pdf,  repository-version,  supp-info

Nanoscale design of the local density of optical states
M. Sandro, S. Vezzoli, S. Horsley, W. L. Barnes, S. Maier, and R. Sapienza
Nano Letters 19 1613 (2019)
pdf,  arXiv,  repository-version,  supp-info


Realizing an ultra-wideband backward-wave metamaterial waveguide
S. S. Seetharaman, B. Tremain, W. L. Barnes, and I. R. Hooper
Physical Review B  98, 235408 (2018)
pdf, repository-version, research-data

Investigation of the coupling between tunable split-ring resonators
M. Baraclough, I. R. Hooper and W. L. Barnes
Physical Review B  98, 085146 (2018)
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Special Issue on “Strong Coupling of Molecules to Cavities
W. L. Barnes, F. J. García-Vidal, J, Aizpurua
ACS Photonics  5, 1 (2018)
pdf, repository-version

Design and fabrication of plasmonic cavities for magneto-optical sensing
T. H. J. Loughran, J. Roth, P. S. Keatley, E. Hendry, W. L. Barnes, R. J. Hicken, J. F. Einsle,
A. Amy, W. Hendren, R. M. Bowman, and P. Dawson
AIP Advances  8, 055207 (2018)
pdfresearch-data, supp-info

Manipulating type-I and type-II Dirac polaritons in cavity-embedded honeycomb metasurfaces
C-R Mann, T. J. Sturges, G. Weick, W. L. Barnes and E. Mariani
Nature Communications  9, 2194 (2018)
pdfresearch-data, supp-info

“Plasmonic surface lattice resonances: a review of properties and applications”
V. G. Kravets, A. V. Kabashin, W. L. Barnes and A. N. Grigorenko
Chemical Reviews  118, 5912 (2018)

“Enhancing the magneto-optical Kerr effect through the use of a plasmonic antenna”
T. H. J. Loughran, P. S. Keatly, E. Hendry, W. L. Barnes and R. J. Hicken
Optics Express  26, 4738 (2018)


A platform for time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy in the near-field
S. Keatley, T. H. J. Loughran, E. Hendry, W. L. Barnes and R. J. Hicken
Reviews of Scientific Instruments 88 123708 (2017)
pdf, arXiv, research-data

Electromagnetic interactions in a pair of coupled split-ring resonators
S. S. Seetharaman, C. G. King, I. R. Hooper and W. L. Barnes
Physical Review B 96 085426 (2017)
pdf, research-data

A molecular route to nanophotonics
Nunez-Sanchez and W. L. Barnes
Optics and Photonics News, December, 48 (2017)

Hybridized exciton-polariton resonances in core-shell nanoparticles
J. Gentile and W. L. Barnes
Journal of Optics 19 035003 (2017)
pdf arXiv research-data

Absence of Anderson localization in certain random lattices
W. Choi, C. Yin (澄殷), I. R. Hooper, W. L. Barnes and J. Bertolotti
Physical Review E 96 022122 (2017)
pdf, arXiv

New horizons for nanophotonics
Y. S.  Kivshar, W. L. Barnes, O. Hess and N. Zheludev
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 375 20160380 (2017)


Particle Plasmons: Why Shape Matters
W. L. Barnes
American Journal of Physics 84 59 (2016)

Excitonic surface lattice resonances
D. Humphrey, M. J. Gentile and W. L. Barnes
Journal of Optics 18 085004 (2016)
pdf, research-data

Localised exciton polariton modes in organic dye-doped nanospheres: a quantum approach
J. Gentile, S. A. R. Horsley and W. L. Barnes
Journal of Optics 18 015001 (2016)
pdf, arXiv, repository